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The new blog is online and functional, here: Our Lady of Perpetual Breadcrumbs

There’s an RSS button on the sidebar, if you’re into that. I hear feed readers are going out of style?  Sad. I like them.

Thanks for putting up with a waaaaaay longer than it should have been migration.

Onward to Squarespace!


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We’re Moving!

Okay, not “we” but “I,” and not to a house but to a new blog. I’ve decided to drop the anonymity shenanigans and start over in a new space, with a new (old) identity.  Why is this suddenly starting to feel like a Steinbeck novel? Jeebus, it’s just a blog migration. The content from this space is over there, along with a “long lost” blog of mine, archived for your enjoyment. Read it; it’s funny, if only because the contrast between my work self and my parent self is ridiculous.

It will take a little time to get all of the wordpress content over there, not because the export takes a long time but because I have to screen for some of the old content. Like, er, some of the ex-girlfriend stuff, and some other work-related stuff in which I complain a bit more than a person with a name and a face ought to complain.

So, give it a week or so to get up and running, but in the meantime, check it out, won’t you? The title is the same: Our Lady of Perpetual Breadcrumbs.  You can also get there by clicking the freight cars above.

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